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How To Know If You Have a Blocked Drain

A blocked drain can cause major disruption to your household, especially if it’s left alone in the hopes it will sort itself out. In order to avoid disruption to your home or business, it’s important to know the warning signs of a blocked drain. Avoid costly repairs down the road and act quickly when you see the signs.

Sinks, showers or toilets draining slowly

Or not at all! The blockage in your drains is preventing the water from draining as quickly as usual. If just one of your drains is experiencing issues it may just be an issue with that particular fixture, however, if you’re experiencing issues amongst multiple fixtures, there is likely a blockage in your drainage system. In this case, wastewater which does manage to drain away deposits more drain-blocking substances such as hair, soaps or food particles. If left unresolved, this can lead to water overflowing from your drains, usually a toilet, and damaging your property.

Gurgling sounds coming from drains

The gurgling sound is produced by pockets of air being pushed around the drainage system with nowhere to go. In a free-flowing drain, water and air can travel through the pipes to be expelled in their appropriate places. A blockage will cause the water to sit in the drainage system and the air to escape anywhere it can – creating the gurgling sound.

Water rising up in unexpected places

You may be noticing that water rises in the toilet when you run your taps, or water pools in the shower drain when you flush your toilet. This is a sign of water backing up in your drainage system. When the volume of water in the system increases (ie. you turn on your tap) the water has nowhere to go so gets pushed up into a drain elsewhere in the system. You can check for water rising in manholes on your property to confirm that there is a blockage. Remember, never attempt to interfere with manholes yourself, this should be carried out by a professional.

blocked drain

Bad Smell Coming from drains

The smells emitted by a blocked drain are one of the least pleasant consequences of a blockage. This is caused by the waste which is blocking your drains rotting and harbouring bacteria. A drain is an ideal place for germs to thrive as it’s moist, warm and full of nutrients for the bacteria to feed on. 

Sometimes blockages can even be caused by rodents which have died in the pipes, causing a foul smell as they decay in the pipe. This is why we do not recommend trying to treat a foul-smelling drain yourself. No amount of bleach or chemical drain cleaner will clear a blockage like this, it’s time to call in the professionals. 

You can also prevent rodents from gaining access to your drainage system with our Ratflaps. This simple yet clever mechanism will prevent rats or mice from entering your pipes and causing blockages.

Something just doesn’t seem right

You know your home better than anyone. You know when something is not working as it should. Why worry about it when you can get peace of mind by calling the team at Unbeatable Drain Cleaning? Our team of highly-experienced friendly technicians can solve whatever issues you’re having. Whether you require a Drain Inspection to seek out an issue, a Drain Unblocking to get things moving freely or a preventative Drain Cleaning, the team at Unbeatable Drain Cleaning can help! We’re available 24/7 for your drainage needs. Pop over to our Contact page to get in touch!

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