Rodent Infestation Prevention Dublin

Rat infestation is something that every home owner and business owner worries about. Rats can clog drainage systems, cause fire by chewing electrical wiring and carry serious diseases like Salmonella and Listeria. Many rat problems begin in the sewers which serve the house or business. 

To protect your home or business from rats, we trust Ratflaps. These flaps are installed in your drainage system to act as a barrier to prevent rats in the sewers from making their way towards your home or business.  This barrier moves in one direction in order to allow waste to flow freely through your pipes and to allow existing rats to exit. This one-way system ensures they can exit but never return. 

When faced with a rat infestation, many people’s first instinct is to lay traps or poison to kill the rats. However, having dead rats in your drainage system will cause awful smells, blockages and insect problems. 

Ratflaps are also a humane answer to a rat problem. They do not harm the rat, meaning it is free to exit the drainage system and continue its role in the ecosystem. 

If you’re experiencing a rat problem in your home or business, or want to have a Ratflap installed as a preventative measure, call Unbeatable Drain Cleaning now for a quote!

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