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Drain Tracing Dublin

Drain Mapping, also called Drain Tracing, is carried out to locate and record the location of underground drainage systems. This information is crucial for homeowners and business owners to know what you’re responsible for and avoid costly damages.

Many property owners are not sure where their drainage network is and which pipes they are responsible for. Even when homeowners can access their original drainage network plans, these are often outdated and irrelevant. Years of construction, repairs and replacements could mean that your drainage network is completely different to the original network which was installed.

Having this valuable information can help homeowners to plan construction projects and avoid disputes with neighbours. 

Drain Tracing Before Construction

Drain Tracing, or Drain Mapping, is most often carried out before a construction project begins. Property owners who are planning construction projects such as extensions, granny flats or garden rooms must first have accurate details of their drainage network including any inspection chambers or manholes. Your property may have a manhole which would need to be accessed in the event of a blockage in the network. Blocking access to this important drainage network feature may cause costly problems for your neighbours which you could be liable for. Presence of a manhole can also make it difficult to get planning permission.

Knowing the location and depth of your drain network is also important to avoid problems during construction works. Accidentally coming into contact with your drainage framework during groundworks can be costly and adds major delays to your project. 

You can also avoid nasty drain surprises after purchasing a new property with a CCTV Drain Inspection

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