Licensed Disposal of Hazardous Waste

Drainage Interceptors and Gullies Interceptors are designed to prevent oil from entering the main sewers and causing pollution and devastation of local ecosystems. Interceptors collect rainwater, oil and other waste products which accumulate in car parks, car garages, airports and other places where there may be a high volume of vehicles. Their function is to only allow water to pass through and enter the sewer system, retaining pollutants like oil, fuels and solid waste. Accumulation of this waste can cause blockages, overflow and increased risk of fire. When an interceptor overflows it pours pollutants onto the surface, leading to health & safety risks for staff and the public, costly clean-up, business downtime and possibly large fines from the Local Authorities. 

At Unbeatable Drain Cleaning we have extensive experience in maintaining oil interceptors to protect your business and the environment around it. For standard installations, we recommend emptying and cleaning the system every three to six months. Cleaning and emptying should be more frequent during periods of heavy rainfall as the increased surface water causes more debris build up. 

We are also fully licensed and insured to dispose of your waste in a safe and environmentally-friendly way! 

Contact Unbeatable Drain Cleaning today to arrange a call-out or maintenance schedule. Our experienced team are also on-call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for all of your oil interceptor needs. 


NWCPO Permit Number: 1812153-01

Oil Interceptor in need of cleaning?


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