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Why Get A Home Buyer’s Drain Survey?

At Unbeatable Drain Cleaning, we take pride in helping home buyers in Dublin to make an informed choice. 

For many people, buying a home is the biggest financial commitment they’ll ever make. It makes good sense to be as informed as possible before making your decision. Ask yourself, would you buy a car without asking a mechanic to look under the hood? So, why buy a home without looking under the ground?

CCTV Drain Inspections have become increasingly popular in Dublin over the last decade. Partly due to increased awareness of potential problems which may lurk beneath the surface and partly because many insurers and lenders now require a drain survey before signing the contracts.

What is a CCTV Drain Inspection?

A Drain Inspection is a service carried out by our expert engineers at Unbeatable Drain Cleaning. We use the latest technology in drain surveying to take a look inside your drainage network. We insert a camera which navigates throughout your pipes to look for issues. We provide you with a full report including pictures and videos so you can see exactly what we’ve uncovered. We then make recommendations based on the severity of the issues. We can give you an idea of the cost of remedying any problems so you can make an informed decision on whether this is the right property for you.

Why should I get a Home Buyer’s Drain Survey?

Drainage issues can be costly issues which are easily covered up by sellers. Since you’re unlikely to take a shower or run a bath in your potential new home during a viewing, the only way to properly assess the health of the drains is with a CCTV drain inspection. Don’t wait until you’ve signed contracts, moved in and started decorating to find the toilet overflows constantly. 

With Unbeatable Drain Cleaning, you can rest assured knowing you have in-depth information from highly-skilled Drainage Engineers.

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What does the Drain Inspection tell me?

During the inspection, we look for anything that compromises the integrity of your drainage system. We include everything in the report, from minor issues to major issues. We give the most comprehensive report possible so you’re as informed as possible. We look for problems such as:

Damaged or Collapsed pipes

The structural integrity of your system is integral to the functioning of your drains. Collapsing or damaged pipes should be caught early to avoid huge costs. If your pipes are damaged then we can perform a No-Dig Drain Repair which causes minimal disruption to your property and prevents the system from collapsing. Read more about this on our Drain Repair page.

Tree roots growing inside the pipes

Roots from a nearby tree can infiltrate your pipes and grow rapidly, causing extensive damage and blockages. We’ve even removed fully grown trees from pipes! These start as small roots peeking in and can become a huge issue.


Having persistent blockages is frustrating. Taking a look inside the drains can tell us what the best course of action will be.

Improper or unhygienic fixtures

Many older systems use materials which do not stand the test of time. These can cause leaks, odours and even collapse.

Presence of rodents

Rats and mice may burrow into the ground around your pipes causing faults and collapse. Rodents can also use your drainage system as an entrance into your home. Prevent rat and mice infestations with Rat Flaps installed by Unbeatable Drain Cleaning.

Are Drain Inspections just for Home Buyers?

Our CCTV Drain Inspections are suitable for anyone who wants to know more about their drainage system. Whether that’s for their own peace of mind or to get to the root of an issue. CCTV Drain Inspections can reveal the cause of recurrent drain problems, like consistent blockages or bad odours. Many of our customers have a drain survey performed periodically to check for any issues which may become big problems if left untreated. Drainage systems are an important part of your home which is often overlooked. Having a drain inspection sheds light on this hidden, but vital area of your home. 

Book a CCTV Drain Inspection by calling us on 1800 303 663 or visit our Contact page.

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